About Us

speakers.ae is the speakers’ agency division of tamkin Business Solutions,  a company set up in 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The company is registered at the Dubai Economic Department. Apart from offering speaker services, our company is also licensed to organize Conferences and Seminars. The speakers’ website has been launched in August 2009. The company is privately held and both owned and managed by a Swiss national residing in Dubai since 1994.

As Dubai is emerging into an increasingly important venue for international congresses and conventions, it has also become an important platform for speakers from the region and beyond.

Our speakers website, which is the first of its kind on the Arabian Peninsula, is aiming at creating a sophisticated speakers’ industry for the region. We like to present regional speakers and history makers to audiences around the world and on the other hand, bring experts from abroad to speak at local and regional events. As a specialty we also feature speakers on a wide variety of Islamic topics.

Our speakers are thought leaders from their individual fields of expertise.  Speakers are carefully chosen to ensure alignment between talent and customer needs.  Apart from providing speakers, we also feature authors, artists, look-alikes, event presenters and VIP’s for patronages and endorsements.

Our unmatched service and high standards of excellence shall create new benchmarks in this fast growing industry.

We look forward to providing you with the perfect speaker or expert for your event. If you are a speaker, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our community.